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About Us


We Put Our Heart in Every Mix

It's not just a daiquiri to us; it's a HURRICANE Alley Daiquiris!

Since 2007, we have envisioned a business opportunity of some sort after spotting a vacant lot near our first house in Fort Worth. We considered the lot's potential for a business where that area appeared to need one at that time. We are coffee drinkers, and the nearest (gourmet) shop was at the mall, almost 5 miles away. When you want a coffee fix, 5 miles is a long drive. We would drive past this vacant lot almost daily and often said to each other, "wouldn't that be a great spot for a coffee shop?". However, kids, military deployments, and graduate school put those thoughts on the back burner to simmer. No, those thoughts were put in storage! Career changes moved us away from the area about 6 years later.

We believe we have finally found our place to settle down. After recounting the previous visions of starting up our own small business, we would find ourselves taking notice of places that we thought would be our own spot of some sort. One afternoon a couple of years ago, one of our boys brought home a daiquiri from a shop he happened upon while job hunting. Weeks passed, and one of us came across another shop while out for a drive, wondering where that last one had come from. We found one maybe 20 minutes from our house. We went in and checked it out and thought, "why can't we do that too?". This was during the Pandemic, and any reason to get out of the house was a good reason, and finding a place like this open for business was a welcomed respite.

Outside of New Orleans, the idea of a daiquiri shop was a foreign concept, but, as a few have made their way west of the Bayou state, their notoriety has increased, which brings us to where we are now - a recent entry into and purveyor's of the craft frozen daiquiri industry. We hope you enjoy our take on this famous (and possibly infamous) beverage with our Texas twist! Come on in and get blown away by our daiquiris!

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